Saturday, July 24, 2010

A competition FOR THE AGES!

Well here we are, at the end of what some would call the most exciting competition ever created by mere mortals, others would call worthy of the nectar of the bosom of Zeus' appraise, and others might call 1-800-GHOSTBUSTERS

Call it what you wish, here are the pictures that changed Lebanon forever.

The competition was divided between Twitter and Facebook. And I have 3 pairs of tickets to giveaway. 1 pair for Twitter users and 2 for Facebook. Let the games begin!

I asked for the most insane outrageous epic hilarious pictures of yourself or that you took.

First let's take a look at our Twitter submissions. To enter the competition you simply had to hashtag #nemrtix and mention@nemrcomedy, here are the submissions:

@PhilippeMa kicked things off with this riveting entry. My Take: Van Gogh meets Colonialism - a riveting piece.

@neomaru responded with this EPIC entry. My take: How to look like you purposefully wanted to be at the beach in jeans and a jacket - brilliant.

@Slutterhouse one of the most exciting bands touring the world today decided to rape and pillage with this entry. My take: I may be naked but at least I am wearing hair - manly.

@JimRamK brought in some photoshop power as he decided to climb Taipei. My Take: Photoshop - let's impress the ladies. Impressed.

@funkyozzi who some call the dean of twitter, others the dean of their lives, wrapped things up with this entry. My take: Nose, Lens, Lens, Nose. Introduced.


@Slutterhouse - Congratulations. Its one thing for a man to pose like this to make for a sensual poster. When that same man enters it into a comedy competition, meaning he doesn't take himself so seriously like the thousands of artists who do nothing but pose and have no content, it shows personality originality and not only does that ensure that Slutterhouse will sound and survive and prosper, coupled with the image itself it lands itself as a definite I will never forget that image and I simply laughed my ass off.


For this portion I chose the top 10 pictures of over 50 entries! Below I will be posting the pic I loved that DIDN'T make the competition. Rules were simple, I added the likes and comments together giving each picture a score, top ten scores made this list and the winner shall be chosen:

It began with this beautiful couples shot submitted by Ralph Melhem. My Take: For a face like that, she must have been doing something INCREDIBLE in the portion of the picture we can't see. Equally, he might be in big trouble and, well, you can kiss those testicles good bye.

Shortly thereafter Charly Hallak responded with this piece. My take: Surprise, I'm not a woman.

Rabih Hallak came back with this entry. My take: Overnighting, it simply doesn't yield results.

Maya Khairallah then posted this piece of eye candy. My take: Killer nuns. EPIC.

Jessica Habib then posted this, she wrote: "Even on stage we seem Lesbian". My take: May the lord bless you many times over in return for this blessing to men everywhere.

Myriam H. Mattar II, yes the second, submitted this. My take: Who needs looks when you can make the ladies laugh.

Belle Savage posted this picture. My take: Very risky move, was I looking for a simple picture just emphasizing your looks? Dinner?

Daniel LeFebvre posted this. My take: Daniel LeFebvre.

Saad El Dine Haroun posted this picture. My take: Montage, post is for pussies.

Christina A. Rizk capped off our top ten list with this one. My take: High Five! Just kidding JUST KIDDING!


Congratulations Ralph Melhem! You get two VAS (very awesomely seated) tickets for your and your girl. This picture simply screams "Yes my girl is hot, but my face is beautiful." Spontaneous, spur of the moment, and hilarious, loved it!


Congratulations Jessica Habib for your two VAS tickets! Another spontaneous picture, not intended to convey what it conveys but it does, and that's what puts you ahead of the game. Add to it the fact that any man who does not support the conveyance of love between two women is not a man at all and I'll see you on August 8!


Submitted by Caren El Mouzawak I almost had a heart attack when I saw this one. Destined to scar our minds for all eternity this would have been a definite winner. My take: Caren you don't have to do this, there are organizations that will protect you.

So congratulations to all our winners! I will see you on August 8 at Edde Sands! For all those who want to buy tickets they are on sale at all branches of Virgin Megastores across Lebanon and if you are currently outside of the country log on to to buy yours online!

And check out the event page and keep posting pics! People still are and there a LOT of pics that are f-ing INCREDIBLE that you would surely enjoy! Click here!

One Love :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Free Tickets to Made in USA!

Just in case you didn't get an epileptic seizure from the background I am re posting the artwork on the left, its for my new show Made in USA which I am bringing with me from the USA and sharing it with you all for one night only on August 8 at Edde Sands!

Here is how you can win tickets to the show :D

1. For Twitter: Upload the most outrageous picture of yourself, mention me @nemrcomedy and use hashtag #nemrtix and the top ten most retweeted pics will be posted here on my blog for all to see and I will choose the winner from them! Only other condition follow me on twitter!

2. For YouTube: Upload a vid of you doing something, anything, funny outrageous wierd you name it! Doesn't matter how long it is all that matters is it is fun to watch! Post your entry on my channel wall at enjoylifeingeneral. You must be a subscriber to enter!

3. For Facebook: Join the event Nemr live in Made in USA! Invite your friends and post the most outrageous picture to the event wall you have, top ten pics with most likes and comments will be posted to my blog too and I will choose a winner!

So what are you waiting for, let's make this the craziest online competition EVER!!!!

Can't wait to see your awesomeness :D

One Love :)

PS! Tix are on sale at all branches of Virgin Megastores and online at as of Saturday July 24!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My first ever BLAG!

Ok so maybe blag is not the right word, but I figure if you tweet when you use twitter you should at least blag when you blag! on a blog!

Kicking off this whole blog blag thingy I will take this time to mention that I have a show coming up on August 8 at Edde Sands in Lebanon!

You can win tickets to the show by FIRST doing any of the following (the more the better your chances!):

1. Join my
FaceBook Fan Page

2. Follow me on

3. Subscribe to my channel on

Details of the competition coming soon!

I am blagging from LA at the moment, back to Lebanon August 1st! I have been here for about four months now, between LA, New York and even Houston and my new show, which I have ingeniously called "Made in USA" (yes I know even I was amazed at the epic originality) is just about ready for the stage in Lebanon!

Also I got stuck in France due to the Volcano eruption in Iceland, if I remember correctly it was called Mount Juhipoiielkbusilhnnnnejeifipeiuuuropoeo 32. So those two weeks also worked their way into my show :D

And a HUGE thank you to @FunkyOzzi (follow her on twitter she rocks!) for helping me set up this blog! She told me its important and God damn it when a woman tells you something you'd better listen!

One Love :)